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Smart job search preparation leads to H-1B job offers despite the job search challenges international students normally face when seeking U.S jobs.

Is this you?

Feeling stuck as an international job seeker?

Maybe you don't have any new company targets that are open to international students?

Feeling nervous about OPT?

Graduation is quickly approaching but no job offers yet?

Or, is this you? I hope so because this is a MUCH BETTER scenario.

1) You're not in trouble yet as an international CS or IS job seeker - maybe you're a 1st year graduate student - but you want to be super proactive, graduate with a great U.S job, and eliminate the risk of returning home.

2) You want to avoid the "degree no job" situation. You want to take control of your job search results before it is too late.

Regardless of your circumstances, if you are an international student majoring in Computer Science or Information Systems with plans to work in the United States you have come to the right place.

The creator of this course, Marcelo Barros, founded The International Advantage in 2015 with the mission to help international students secure U.S positions. Since 2015 Barros has worked with international students from Harvard, Stanford, New York University, Georgetown University, Purdue University, and about 40 other U.S colleges. Due to the high enrollment of international students in STEM disciplines, often times Barros is asked to provide job search training exclusively for Computer Science international students such as in the example below.

In this course you will learn data driven, simple and effective job search strategies specially designed to tilt the balance in favor of computer science international job seekers who seek U.S jobs. It is a mistake think you're doing everything when job searching when you may not be. By the way, if you are an international student majoring in Information Systems or a similar discipline, this course is for you as well.

In this special course you will learn:

  • A 4-step job search process specially designed to help international computer science majors secure U.S jobs

  • How to correctly address the typical "we don't sponsor challenge" by using an exclusive list of 100 companies that have recently hired computers science international graduates (employer target list also applies to IS majors)

  • How to identify your unique competitive advantages as a job seeker by using Barros own ISEL* job search framework. (* ISEL stands for I = Interests, S, Skills, E, Experiences, L = Languages

  • How successful computer science international students who secured quality jobs in the U.S used the ISEL framework to get hired

  • The key skills and areas of demand that are especially important for computer science international students to target because the supply of American workers with these skills is low

  • How to best leverage the H-1B visa program now that President Trump is in power and it has gotten harder for international students to find U.S employment

  • How to highlight the advantages of the H-1B visa program available for computer science majors and other STEM majors by correctly speaking with U.S employers who may be confused about hiring international students

  • How to use your unique personal story - with the help of the ISEL framework - to have an unfair advantage while networking. (Hint: international students normally have very interesting stories to tell…)

  • How to write a winning email every time, even when you are not confident about your English language skills

  • How to correctly manage your conversations with U.S hiring managers and new networking contacts, so that you always impress prospective employers

  • And much, much more ...


"As Computer Science graduate, Marcelo's job search strategies helped me find my focus and identify my key strong points as a job seeker so I could beat my competition" Vishnu Sudha Vasu Malllipudi, SDE (vendor) at Microsoft

"I just finished taking this course. As a Computer Science International Student with plans to work in the U.S, Marcelo's course taught me how to focus my efforts in order to achieve success. I particularly liked the ISEL portion of the course" Tsaku Nelson, Computer Science International Student, Kennesaw State University

"Informative. Interesting. Imperative. A great experience for our internationals" Prof. Domenick J Pinto, Director, School of Computing, Sacred Heart University

"Take this course. Marcelo’s ISEL framework is precise, logical and actionable. Undoubtedly, the guidance which I received from Marcelo helped me during my job search" Anuj Mehta, MBA/Technology Management Major, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The sooner you understand what you need to do to secure a great job in the U.S, the better your chances of getting hired. Do not wait until your last year in college to seek help. Act with a sense of urgency. Start now.

Your Instructor

Marcelo Barros
Marcelo Barros

Marcelo Barros is the founder of The International Advantage, a renowned job search firm specialized in helping international students (F-1 visa holders) secure jobs in the U.S via OPT and H-1B.

Barros job search frameworks have helped international students secure H-1B jobs at firms such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and in smaller high quality firms as well.

Barros innovative and results driven work has been featured by publications such as Forbes, Business Week, France National TV, The National Law Review, etc, and he is also the author of the acclaimed book The International Advantage Get Noticed. Get Hired! used by several U.S universities, and which served as the foundation for this video course.

Consider taking this course because:

1. You value our experience. In 2018 alone we have worked with over 6,000 international students, many who are STEM majors and got great jobs in the U.S. We know the details of the profile of international students who are successful because we study them carefully.

2. You're driven & proactive. Are you the type of person who waits until the last minute to take action, or are you the type who plans ahead so you maximize your opportunities for success?

2. You value our innovation. Our own job search frameworks tilt the balance in your favor of international students. We believe in precise and results driven coaching based on experience, data, and tough love.

3. You know universities trust us. More than 40 universities in the U.S including Stanford, NYU, Cornell, Georgetown, and Texas A&M, for example, partner with us to give their international students an extra push to get hired. Also, when publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg and others write about international student career development topics, they often quote The International Advantage in their articles due to our expertise and credibility in this space.

4. You have read our book. The International Advantage book continues to be widely used by universities and international students across the U.S. Check out the reviews on Amazon if you have not done so yet, read the book.

5. You know we are good at what we do. You already understand and appreciate our deep expertise and you know we care about helping you beat visa odds so you can achieve your job search goals. By taking this course we will not let you make mistakes that could cost you the chance to secure a great job in the U.S as a CS or IS international student.

You will have 2 options to enroll in this course.


This is the right option for those who have not read The International Advantage Get Noticed. Get Hired! book yet, and are interested in quickly learning specific job search frameworks specially created for CS and IS international students. This is an excellent option for international students who have a strong support network in the U.S, for example.


This premium option allows you to receive an individual 60-minute appointment with Marcelo Barros. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive personalized feedback about your performance as a job seeker, learn even more, and ask Marcelo questions about the specific jobs you're targeting. This option includes a formal review of your ISEL profile and a conversation with 2 professionals in your exact field of interest, which Marcelo will recommend that you speak with prior to your appointment with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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The International Advantage is a must read for any international student (F1 of J1 visa) who dreams about a securing a job in the U.S, or is serious about pursuing a global career.