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This job search class is for career-driven international students FROM ANY MAJOR who want to secure jobs or internships in the U.S. The International Advantage has helped hundreds of international students overcome sponsorship challenges and land jobs in companies such as Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Goldman Sachs, and several other high-quality firms from a variety of fields. It is now your turn to get hired!





This LIVE job search intro class is for International Students who have NOT read The International Advantage Get Noticed Get Hired book yet. Also, if your university has hired me to deliver job search programs at your campus, then this class is NOT for you either. You should already know what you need to do to get hired if you joined my program. So, don't enroll. Maximum enrollment for this class: 20 students. So there is plenty of time for Q&A.

We are very serious about helping international students find great jobs in the U.S, and The International Advantage has been featured in several publications. Below is a sample.

While this LIVE course will certainly focus on the biggest pain point for most international students: how to find companies that sponsor in your field, I will teach you much more. This class will focus on a 4-STEP get-hire formula that you can utilize to find internships and jobs in the U.S. This is basically what I teach at the universities that I go to.


Marcelo Barros

Founder, The International Advantage


Gabe Coelho, Software Engineer at Adobe

International Student Hired!

Yeshwini Ravi Kumar, Cyber Security/Computer Science Graduate Student

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Jason Adu, Electrical Engineering Graduate Student

Enrolled in LIVE GET HIRED VIDEO Class

Chinweoke Okonkwo, Biomedical Engineering Undergrad

Enrolled in LIVE GET HIRED VIDEO Class

Debrup Laha, Junior Engineer at ads Engineers

International Student Hired!

Anuj Mehta, Senior Consultant

International Student Hired!

Testimonial from Harvard International Student

Student Attended LIVE International Advantage Job Search Program At Harvard

Your Instructor

Marcelo Barros
Marcelo Barros

Marcelo Barros is the founder of The International Advantage, a renowned job search firm specialized in helping international students (F-1 visa holders) secure jobs in the U.S via OPT and H-1B.

Barros job search frameworks have helped international students secure H-1B jobs at firms such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and in smaller high quality firms as well.

Barros innovative and results driven work has been featured by publications such as Forbes, Business Week, France National TV, The National Law Review, etc, and he is also the author of the acclaimed book The International Advantage Get Noticed. Get Hired! used by several U.S universities, and which served as the foundation for this video course.

Lucky me! My university, Texas Christian University, hires Marcelo to work one-on-one with international students. I'm at Microsoft now! Guess why?

- Vanessa Contreras, Solution Specialist, Microsoft

I took this live class from Marcelo as an MBA when I was job searching. Marcelo provides an organized approach to the unique job-search experience that only international students experience. Game changer!

- Vedika Jajodia, Program Manager at Amazon

I took this live class along with Vedika and 7 other international students. The live course encouraged me to keep up a good job search pace after I finished my MBA, giving me actionable tasks that helped me effectively get further down the recruiting process

- Fernando Pereira, Credit Risk Policy at Square

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm very busy. I don't have time. How long is this course?
Make time for what is important. Is getting a job in the U.S. important to you?
Are refunds possible?
I'm not looking for a job/internship. Should I enroll?
This is a GREAT situation to be in. Yes, enroll. The more time you have to implement the recommendations from the course, the more valuable this course will be for you. The best time to job search is when you don't need to. NEVER wait to job search. It's NEVER too early to job search.
Is the LIVE class open to ANY international student?
No. If I have already visited your university and you attended our job search program then your enrollment will not be accepted. If I have not visited your university in the last 2 months, go ahead and enroll.
How will I join the LIVE class on Oct. 2nd?
After you enroll, you will receive a Zoom link to join the LIVE class on Oct. 2nd.

Super honest, creative, and effective. Marcelo's know-how is a game changer for international students worried about sponsorship.

- Nell Hall, HR Talent Development, Pitney Bowes

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